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Greetings and welcome!

My name is Iris. I am listed as "READINGS BY IRIS". I enjoy providing Psychic Tarot/oracle readings, Reiki Sessions, teaching classes such as Usui Reiki, Psychic Development or hosting various workshops, such as Learning Tarot and various other classes. Please check the Nature's Touch FB page for updates on classes, events. 

I am currently providing Readings at Nature's Touch in Gettysburg, PA @ 247 Baltimore St. *Appointments are strongly suggested. Appointments can be put into the system in advance (best option). 

**I was formerly at the Crystal Wand since 2013 of which I am no longer affiliated with.

 I am honored to be working with Michelle Cilio, the owner of Nature's Touch. It is a New Shop in Gettysburg, PA, Norse and Wiccan themed. 

I have also provided Reading and/or Workshoops at the following events:

SpiritNetwork Festival

for the Psychic and Healing Arts

Harrisburg, PA

Spoutwood Farm

Annual May Day Fairie Festival

(6 years in a row)

Glen Rock, PA

KarmaFest, The Celebration

Oregon Ridge, Hunt Valley MD

Spirited Events by Jofa

With over 20 years of experience, I love to provide fun and intuitive Tarot & Oracle card readings. When sitting with someone for a reading, I “feel” their energy and strive to put them at ease. I always ask my Guides and the Guides of the person being read to assist with a reading. 

I use my empathic and intuitive abilities along with the cards to provide helpful insights. Most of my readings focus on things surrounding your life in the “now” and immediate future, usually up to 3 - 4 months. There are times when something may show up from the past, a reminder that we are who we are because of our past experiences. I may become aware of issues the person is already aware of or something they are not acknowledging; it really depends on what is uppermost in their vibrational energy field when we meet. At times someone who has passed from this life may come "through" with a message for the individual being read. I will "fee" how they passed away to let me know who they are. 

My readings are provided with much love and compassion, while wishing to provide the best information for your highest good. I use several different tarot decks, The Faeries Oracle and the Shadowscapes Deck being a few of my favorites! 

Most of my life I have felt “different” than most people. I could sense things about people when I touched them or sometimes just being passing someone in a public place. (As an adult I have learned that I am an Empath and a Sensitive). I have seen spirits, heard them and sensed them when others could not. I was always interested in anything considered esoteric or metaphysical or just plain outside of the “norm”. My search led me to libraries, (this was before the internet) but it was hard to find what I was looking for, outside of fiction. My thirst for more knowledge led me to New Age Shops where I started taking classes in the early 1990’s and began my journey on this path. I am still learning, but love to share my studies with others.

I became an ordained Minister with the Universal Life Church in September 2010. Became a founding member of The Church of Universal Peace in October 2010, where I officially became an Ordained Minister in 2015. I am working on building my client base and on providing intuitive readings and teaching classes. I'm so excited to have performed my first Wedding Ceremony for a beautiful and beloved Friend & Sister, and recently for my Grand-Nephew and his lovely wife, among several other couples. Have performed several others since then, and have three more coming up in 2022.  

I also recently completed my Third year apprenticeship Shaman training with my amazing friend and mentor, Pamela at

As you can see, I am continuously a work in progress! Please view my other pages and see what fun and special events are coming up!!

May we all live in peace, light and love! Iris

We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!

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