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Heartfelt "thank you." We were meant to connect..

Dear Iris,I feel compelled to thank you for the connection we made on Thursday, September 5th, not long after you opened your shop. My name is K. K. To help with memories: My daughter and I entered not long after you opened. I found you on my early morning walk while staying at the 1863 Inn. I was compelled to visit your shop. We are from MD. I had short, brown hair, my daughter, steel blue-eyed, honey strawberry blond. I was drawn to the statues of Bastet and Isis.I felt comfortable and we engaged in conversation. I think you already knew I was seeking healing and help with the 2 negative corporeal energies and one confused, yet not hurtful, non-corporeal energy surrounding me. You had asked me if I can call them out by name. I can. Including the non-corporeal. You had called out his suicide. You also knew that my residence is positioned at a "crossroads." You brought me to joyful tears in connecting with my mother/C's Grandmother. You stated my mother's status in her physical life to a tee. A very strong, powerful woman yet held back and physically weak. (She came into the physical world physically damaged and passed from it's consequences.) So true. I used to tell her she was a mental giant. She loved and relied on her faith. She was/is my biggest defender/ally/strength. I talk to her often(out loud,) and you told me so. You told me she listens and is trying to help me. I have been unable and frustrated that I could not "see" or talk to her since her passing. I am humbled, happy, and inspired that you, Iris, were able to connect us again. She must have really liked you! I feel relieved and validated that she now knows no bounds and completely happy. It has been a concern of mine for a very long time. She deserves it, she's a wonderful woman and a beautiful spirit.I also appreciate you've given me the physical tools to help with my spiritual healing and that of my home and property.You've also told me that I have the spiritual tool box to accomplish my own cleansing and healing to enhance my latent gift of intuitiveness, revive my self love and gift of creativity. You never wanted to sell me $300 candles and join your "church." I found it validating that your hand reached without looking, to the Apache tear "out of the gate." You spiritually reached out to me and C. without wanting reward. So admirable. Additionally, the black obsidian, amethyst, rose quartz,(which felt soooo good upon the touch,) and the blue aragonite to enhance my abilities. The Sage/Cedar to smudge my residence and property and the Agrimony for the crossroads, to use it's power to eliminate the confusion, set boundaries and restate the paths, eliminate & expel old jinxes, hexes, or curses. (Think..traffic cop! LOL!)Thank you for the 3rd eye homework. Already have been using it in my "twilight" sleep before I slumber and most effective in the "twilight" of my pre-waking hours before I actually rise. It is when these hours are critical, because this is when I pray. It is effective and the breathing exercise is cathartic. If you remember, I was uncomfortable telling my husband about our interaction. Thought he might go, "poo, poo." He listened and understood. He didn't go, "poo, poo." He was actually fine with what I wanted to do. (my soul mate.) He even actually suggested the best time (little to no traffic) to do the "crossroads" ritual with the agrimony. Iris, I am in the process of writing down what I want to say with conviction when I cleanse myself, my home, and property. This is personal and you told me so. I will invoke my faith and will be ready with my favorite prayers as a start to power my light. I already asked my mother to be with me when I do this. I remember the instructions you gave me. I am so excited and inspired to cleanse and heal myself, my home, property and protect my family. I would like the privilege of following up with you. Additionally, I'd like to know even though you are an 1hr 30min drive away if I/we can see you again by appointment for follow up readings and work (for a fee) of course. (the 1 1/2 hr. drive is lovely, so not a big deal.) Thanks Iris! (thank you for your profound gifted presence and messages you've given to me and C.)Fondest regards,K.

*Names were eliminated for protection and privacy.Iris

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